We’re delighted to share that our new book, Audience Genre Expectations in the Age of Digital Media (2023), by Leo W. Jeffres, David J. Atkin, and Kimberly A. Neuendorf, has been released by Routledge Press.

This volume bridges the divide between film and media studies scholarship by exploring audience expectations of film and TV genre in the age of digital streaming, using qualitative thematic and quantitative data-driven analyses.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Audience Expectations for Film and Television Genres
  3. Audience Viewing of the Moving Image—Film and Television Genres
  4. A Profile of Creators of the Moving Images as Audience Roles Evolve
  5. Audiences Coping with an Era of Content Abundance: Novelty Seeking and Interest Maximization
  6. The New Viewing Environment—Matching Genres with Screens
  7. Developing Content Theory for Moving Images
  8. Responding to the Pandemic in a Streaming Environment
  9. Final Thoughts
Image of cover of book, titled Audience Genre Expectations in the Age of Digital Media, showing a photo of a closeup of a person’s hand holding a smart phone while seated in a theater with other audience members.